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    INF Utility does not seem to work.


      I'm running a P67 chipset motherboard and it is using  Running a mixture of ,, Drivers when I run the INF updater which is supposed to upgrade drivers to But it just pops to finished when I press "Update" and No drivers are upgraded.  Yur FAQ's state:


      If the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility detects that it's not needed (meaning that all the product names in Device Manager match the product names in the included INF files), the installer will immediately jump to the "install completed successfully" screen.


      But I'm NOT running the Drivers. Should it not upgrade my drivers?


      I am  Running Windows 7 (64) Service Pack 1 with all upgrades installed.

      P67 chipset Motherboard with the Updated Sandy Bridge Chipset.

      i7 2600K CPU

      ACHI enabled

      16 GB's Memory.

      OS was installed on P67 with Defective IO Chipset. Recieved and installed identical MB with New, Non-Defective.  Sandy Bridge IO Chipset.


      BTW the : following Instructions in your Readme in NO WAY match the device manager "Devices by connection" View in Windows 7 starting with step 10. It might be nice to actually look at a current version of Windows 7 when writing instructions.




      *      OS INSTALLATION


      Some Intel(R) chipset platforms already are supported by

      Windows 7* so it may not be necessary to use the INF

      files provided by this software to update Windows 7*.


      The following steps describe the installation process of

      the Windows 7* INF files.  You may need to repeat these

      steps to update all Intel(R) chipset devices not supported

      by Windows 7*.


      1.  Copy the contents of the

      <INF Extract Directory>\XXXX\Win7

      directory to the root directory A removable media,

      such as a USB flash drive (UFD) or floppy disk (A:\).



      XXXX is the directory name for the chipset

      of interest. Refer to Section 8 for more details.


      2.  Close all programs currently running on the system.

      3.  Click on Start.

      4.  Select Settings.

      5.  Select the Control Panel.

      6.  Double-click on the System icon.

      7.  Click on the Hardware tab.

      8.  Click on the Device Manager button.

      9.  Select "Devices by connection" under the View menu.

      10. Click on MPS Uniprocessor PC -OR- MPS

      Multiprocessor PC.



      Only one of the above items will be

      displayed for a given system.


      11. Click on PCI bus.

      12. Right-click on the line containing the description

      PCI standard host CPU bridge


      PCI standard ISA bridge


      PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge


      PCI System Management Bus


      Standard Dual PCI IDE Controller


      Standard Universal PCI to USB Host Controller

      (This line will be selected.)

      13. Select Properties from the pull-down menu.

      14. Click on the Driver tab.

      15. Click on the Update Driver button.

      16. Windows 7* will launch the Upgrade Device

      Driver Wizard. Select Browse my computer for the driver software.

      17. Enter "A:\" in the Combo Box

      18. Ensure that the Include Subfolders checkbox is checked

      19. Select Next

      20. The window Will Display the Device that was installed

      21. Select Close

      22. Reboot the system if prompted to do so.

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          I can't say I have every tried the win 7 update, but for all other the  OS version opening a command window to the location of the INF uittly and runing : SETUP.EXE -OVERALL has always worked. If you only run setup however, it will only install INF for devices that do not currently have one.

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            The INF Update Utility only provides INF files, not drivers.  Are you looking for the Intel Driver Update Utility?  That can be found here:




            If you run this it will install JAVA on your PC, which it requires.  If you're using Firefox as your browser you'll need to allow the JAVA installation by clicking in the yellow bar next to the page tabs.


            When this runs it will tell you which components have newer drivers, and you can then choose to install them.

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              The actual *.inf files are not drivers, they point Windows to which drivers to use.  And the INF Utility that I downloaded and ran is full of drivers.   What I figured out is that Intel Numbers there Utility like Drivers but the actual Driver it points to MAY or MAY NOT be numbered the same as the Utility. So when I looked at the driver Numbers of my chipset drivers in Windows 7 control panel they were numbered while the INF Utility was numbered making me think there was a problem when there was not.


              I sugest you download the Zipped version of the Utility and actually look at the files contained in it.

              Bob Benson