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    DX58SO & Chassis fan settings


      I've owned this mobo for 2 years now and i hate to say this.. but it's still plagued by myriads(bugged default clocks, sleep/wake issues, usb problems etc etc)of problems, and BIOS updates just keep making things worse.


      Anyway, forgive me for the minor rant.


      I had this before, but i got it again now with BIOS 5529.. after waking my PC from sleep mode - the chassis fans run at 100% and there is absolutely no way for me to change that, i tried enabling/disabling fan control in bios many times.. without luck.I recall back when i had this problem again, i was trying to overclock my CPU and i was always having these black screens instead of watchdog doing its job, after a thousand CMOS resets - windows finally loaded, but the fans were stuck at 100%, so i had to reset the battery some more & remove the jumper etc and it finally got itself fixed.There is no way i am going through that hell again, would like to know if anyone ever had this before, and if you know of a solution.. please.. do share it.


      p.s. Having 5529 installed doesn't help that much i guess, but in all honesty.. i really don't know which version to call 'stable' anymore, every single one had its share of bugs.