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    Possible dead i7 2600K




      Back on January 25th I ordered an i7 2600K and an Asus P8P67 Pro motherboard. All was well and good, everything worked like a charm until one evening while playing Homefront the machine just turned off. Poof. Pressing the power button yielded maybe 1/4th a second if that of possible 'fan' movement but pretty much nothing happens. Taking out the 8-pin CPU connector allowed the motherboard to come on but obviously I kinda need that to boot. As it was a B2 board it was finally replaced by Newegg 2 weeks ago.


      Installed the new B3 motherboard and, well, the motherboard turns on but the CPU-LED was solid and no video out. Weird. Forums suggested it was a faulty board since I couldn't test the i7 in any other board to verify if it was bad. Everything on the CPU physically seems fine. Whatever, newegg said they'll refund the board in full so i can go with a different brand. Though I have not sent in the B3 Asus board yet (am on Monday) I went to Micro Center 40 mins away and picked up the MSI P8-G65 (B3 stepping).


      Installed THAT motherboard and, again, no video out and the motherboard goes thorugh 4 loops and each loop the BIOS failed LED goes through it's motions. No light first 'attempt'. 1 blink every cycle (Primary Bios failure) second attempt. Fast blinking (Secondary BIOS failure) third attempt. Solid (Both BIOS failed) 4th attempt. From there it stays solid every time it reboots itself.




      So i take THAT back for an exchange for the SAME board and it does the SAME exact thing as above. I can get the LED to cycle through the BIOS failures via taking out the cmos battery so from here the BIOS doesn't seem to be the issue I wouldn't think and after 3 new boards, I can only assume the CPU is dead? Just want to get some ideas before I call Intel up for a warranty replacement.

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          Since you have replaced the motherboard 3 times, it seems to be the processor the defective component.

          I would suggest contacting our warranty support center at your closest location:



          So they can assist you, when you call them please have the 3 motherboard model numbers handy as well as the processor on your hands, since they will ask you for some information on top of the processor, just as showing here:


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            Thank you for the feedback. I've since gotten an RMA/Order# and have shipped the defective CPU off to the required destination.

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              I have the exact same issue. PC died, RMA mother board and CPU led on new board. Called Intel support and support try to blame it on the memory. I have CORSAIR Vengeance 1600/1.5v (CMZ4GX3M1A1600C9). Something is up with this CPU

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                Well it definitely was the CPU. Got the one they sent via Warranty switch and lo-behold the motherboard booted right up without a hitch. Finally! That was a long 2 months. getting this fixed.

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                  I have the exact same problem but with the gigabyte h67ma-ud2h-b3 motherboard. The fresh build worked great and allowed me to install Windows 2008 R2. After that I went into BIOS to tweak some settings and out of nowhere my screen started artifacting (was using the on die video). Within a couple of seconds the system rebooted with all of the symptoms described by the OP. <1 second power-on before rebooting with no beeps, just 1 green LED from the phase lighting. Tried 3 different brands of RAM, PSU, etc. Getting new motherboard tomorrow to test. I don't understand how it could work so well and then suddenly stop working. The stock heatsink was secure and did not see temps above 45C while I was working on it.

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                    Did this start happeneing after you started/updating drivers?




                    I thought I had a ram/mobo/cpu issue with mine with random shutoffs.


                    The issue turned out to be the most recent version of a Nvidia driver.


                    I removed the driver comletely and installed a version from a few months ago (after I swapped a ton on components and got nowhere)


                    Try newer or older drivers. Just because you have the newest driver doesn't mean that driver is any good.

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                      Update to my last reply:


                      Got motherboard replaced and have the system running perfectly.