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    i7 920 with 12 GB RAM, Cannot even install O/S


      Hi Gurus,


      I have ASUS p6t6 ws rev motherboard with 12GB Corsair CM3X2G1600C8d RAM.


      Recently my computer start freezing up ramdomly. Even after reboot is just geeting hugh on windows logo. That was starting.....

           I ran Memtest86+ v4.10 for more than 48 hours and came out with 0 error. Also use it my friend PC great work.

           I change new HDD, by chance ( i need to by another one so just took my chance :-) )

           Then even i changed motherboard.....


      But still got same issue. And recently for last one week i can't boot any OS. Even i can't install anything. I tried Win7, Fedora... and eveything just getting hung just after min on the process.


      I checked temperature and it's less than 50C all time.


      What i suupose to do now???????????

      I never experencing processor issue but this time that's the only thing that i couldn't check or do anything..or haven't enugh idea how to do that.


      Please help.

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          The easiest way to determine if it is the processor is by testing it on a 2nd motherboard, but since you already did that, then it seems to be a processor issue.

          So in this case I would suggest contacting our customer service center so they can further assist you, and replace the processor if that is the case.

          Keep in mind that our warranty is only for boxed retailed processors.

          And when contacting our customer service center, please have the processor handy and the model numbers of each motherboard where you tested the processor.

          They will ask you for the information on top of the processor as showing here: