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    DQ45CB - GTX Issue?




      I'm owner of Intel DQ45CB Desktop Motherboard. Recently i bought Palit GTX 470 1280MB.

      But after installation, and starting-up pc, it hangs @ POST (code that shown is 50).


      Is this means, that DQ45CB doesn't support GTX cards ?

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          The first thing to do is update the bios on the motherboard if you have not done already. The bios is rarely up to date when you buy mobos as they are warehoused for up to 6 months and Intel seems to update bios rather frequently.


          Next, you may need to change the PCI power settings for the GTX. There is a setting in the bios that allows you to change how the PCI bus is powered so that the GTX has enough power. These GTX video cards can take up to 400W of power across the PCI bus, and default mobo configurations don't always support that.


          Also make sure you have adequare power connections to your GTX. You need to connect ALL of the power connectors to both, the motherboard AND the GTX. The chipset will likely need additional power to drive the GTX.


          Getting my GTX to work in my DP55KG took updates to the bios and careful selection of memory.


          Good luck!


          -- jake

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            Thanks for suggestion, i'll try it today.

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              Yes, updating BIOS fixed graphic detectio and post code 50 error


              Thanks for help