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    DP55KG - USB stop errors in Win 7 x64




      Intel DP55KG

      16 GB RAM

      Intel Matrix Storage Manager - 1TB RAID1 array

      +1 JBOD 1TB SATA disk on the marvell sata bus

      nVidia GTX 470

      800W PSU


      Updated bios, updated chipset drivers, and working with Microsoft Tech Support


      Had a logitech Power MX mouse and it's driver was crashing over the weekend after non-use.


      Removed all logitech drivers yesterday and am now using the default Microsoft HID compliant mouse driver for my Logitech G7 mouse.


      Last night I had a stop error in the microsoft driver, so it looks like there is a problem with the chipset drivers on this board.


      I have the USB configured as Legacy mode. In Legacy mode, I find that the mobo is much more UNSTABLE than when it is not in legacy mode.


      Every time I get a stop error, MSM has to verify the RAID1 array, which takes up to 6 hours during day time operation, and 2.5 hours during non-operation.




      -- jake