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    Core i7 2600k issues


      Hi I am new to the communities and this is my first post so please excuse any unintended mistakes.


      Yesterday i purchased a core i7 2600k. After installing i find the temperatures to be too high at stock clocks. To be exact I am getting these temps:

      idle: 37-40 C

      load: 74-76 C (prime 95 blend test)


      I havent tried overclocking & everything is at stock. (CPU voltage is 1.18). My motherboard is the MSI-P67A GD-55 running the latest bios. I have 2x 4GB Corsair XMS 3 DDR3 kit running at XMP 1600- CL9 speeds.


      I built this system to take advantage of the wondeful headroom in SNB CPUs & I am quite disappointed by seeing the temps. I am afraid to overclock now after seeing the stock results.


      I am using a SPIRE Thermax Eclipse II 5 Heat Pipes Tower cooler with two 2200 RPM Cooler Master Fans in push-pull configuration. The TIM is the default one supplied with the SPIRE cooler.


      My case is the Cooler Master Elite 310 with two case fans.


      In my previous build using the same cooler my i5 750 never exceeded 55C at 3.6GHZ on prime 95.


      Have I got a bum chip or what?