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    Matrix Raid 5


      Boy your support leaves a lot to be desired!!!


      Between all of your marketing garbage, do you think that you might nestle just a little support on your websites for the people who actually buy your products?


      I bought a ASUS P5Q Motherboard that has a INTEL Raid chip set on it, and the RAID went bad.  I need to rebuild the RAID, and finding your support pages on that process seems to be almost impossible.


      I was able to locate a PDF file from 2001, but that is all that I have been able to locate.


      HOW DO YOU REBUILD THE RAID?  Do you have any online documentation for that process?  Is it too much to expect that some documentation be easy to find on your websites, instead of your circular web maze marketing garbage?  Is it too much to ask that the support be in HTML instead of a PDF document? After all PDF documents are not quite as easy to download and read as HTML.  Is HTML that difficult to formulate for your Silicon Valley Outsourcing team?

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          Good morning!


          This discussion forum is geared towards Intel vPro technology - I'm going to move your question over to the Support community. You are bound to find the answer there!


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