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    Intel ICH RAID and BIOS settings


      Hello all:


      I have just completed building my third computer that makes use of the Intel ICH10 RAID controller.   Two were built on Intel motherboard, the third on EVGA motherboard.  All boards are using the X58 chip set.  In setting up the BIOS for the RAID array it occurred to me that the RAID volume might be lost if the BIOS settings become corrupted.  Particularly, I am thinking of  a CMOS battery failure.


      Does anyone know if the RAID volume can be recovered after a CMOS battery failure? Are the RAID settings lost?  If that's the case, will the disk data be lost if one sets up the RAID again in the BIOS? I know that the ICH10 is essentially a software RAID, but I am not sure if any RAID volume information stored on the disks would be recognized by the BIOS, assuming that the actual disk drives have not been corrupted.


      I am particularly concerned because two of the three computers I have built have the Operating system on the RAID array



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          Hello Again:


          It looks like over 1500 of you have viewed my post with no answers. I finally inquired with Intel and an engineer responded with to me in one day. Please see that response below, and thanks to Intel for the prompt and excellent response.  I feel a little more secure now.


          Hello Jon,


          Thank you for contacting Intel Technical Support.


          As we understand you would like to know if the RAID configuration on a system would be kept if there is a CMOS failure on the computer which may cause a change on the settings of the RAID configuration.


          The configuration on how the RAID is set is saved on the metadata of the hard drives, so, if there is a CMOS failure that reverts the SATA mode from RAID to AHCI or IDE mode, you could be able to get into the BIOS and change back the SATA mode to RAID and then the RAID controller will be able to identify the metadata on the disks and continue working.


          However, if the setting has been set to IDE or AHCI mode, you need to change it back to RAID mode before any change is done to any of the disks, otherwise the parity or information on the RAID cannot be restored.


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