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    T2130 processor's internal cores overheating issue


      HI all


      I have an issue that I'm not quite sure why its happening, since I never had this kind of problem.


      I've bought over 4 years ago, an ACER 5672 WLMi notebook with came standard with a 1.66ghz processor which about 6 months ago, was personally changed for a 1.8Ghz (T2130). I removed the old Heat Conducting Thermal Mass from the the connecting points and applied the new one on them, which was from CoolerMaster. Everything went perfectly, I removed the processor and installed the new one on the socket and made and the necessary arrangments to finish the job which all went smoothly. I tested the PC afterwards and I noticed a somewhat good output speed increase, which was expected and it turned out to be real. Since before this task and all the time until now, I have a Fan base under my laptop to keep it cool also.


      Well, everything went ok, until last week. I told windows to shutdown the OS like I normally do and I went to sleep. The next morning I turned on the computer and then went to attend to other things and when I came back, the computer was OFF, which I found it wierd, but I didn't make much out of it to be honest, at the time. I sat on my chair and turned it back on to work on it, like I do every day, but after 10m of working, the computer just shuts dows completely, that's when I was very worried about it, because it NEVER died on me before... I downloaded a program to check PC temperatured and I noticed that even if I don't do anything on him, just staying on windows, like I am right now, both my Core 1 and 2, are currently at 65ºc which I don't really know if its a normal working Temp for such low activity. If I try a game, like World of Warcraft, which I used to play every day, even with the Fan base turned off, it now boosts the temp all the the way up in a mather of 2/3 minutes, to 100º and shutting down immediately, even with the Fan base under the laptop turned on.


      If while in the game and I hear the Computer internal fan boosting itself to very loud sound and I do ALT+TAB to windows, check the Temperatures, I see that both cores are at 95º, which means the computer was going to shutdown in a few seconds. I stayed on windows checking the temps and they immediatly lower themselves to 75º in less then 1m, even with the game running in the background. But If I ATL+TAB back the game, the temperatures would start to reach 95º or more again, which ends up in a PC shutdown.


      I need some inside help to understand why this happened over night :S


      Before this, I could work and play all day even if I forgot to turn on the Fan base, now I can't work AT ALL without the fan base switched on and I can't play anything anymore.. it just dies

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          First of all you need to make sure that your laptop actually supports the T2130.

          The maximum recommended temperature for this processor is 100 degrees Celsius, but this is for the CPU temperature, we do not handle cores temperature, so make sure that the CPU itself does not reaches above 100 degrees Celsius.


          If the laptop manufacturer states that your particular laptop is designed to fully support the T2130 then, install the latest BIOS version for your laptop and see if the same issue continues.

          If the issue continues after that, I would suggest exchanging the processor, but if the processor is not reported as fully supported by your laptop manufacturer, then you need to install a processor that is listed as supported by them.

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            I fully understand your message my friend.


            Was wondering something though, I don't really know if Acer states the full acceptance of the processor or not, since their manual doesn't say it or even otherwise, but I read the 945PM Express chipset sheet and it says that only supports the Core Duo and Core Solo processors and yet, I've inserted a Pentium DualCore on the socket (thinking it was Core Duo) and the laptop accepted it nicely and worked fine for months.


            This issue was noticed literaly over night-to-day and not spread throughout the months until now, which made me feel very confused and stressed about it.


            The program I use doesn't show the temp for the processor alone, but I judge it would an average from both core temps since they're allways at the same temp between them. I can also see the chipset temp, which is right now 73º, forgot to mention this.