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    Dual Monitor Help


      Hey there,


      I just purchased an ASUS K53E-B1 Laptop, with a core i5-2400 inside. The graphics are the integrated chipset.


      My issue is I want to use my monitor and the laptop screen as a dual screen setup. The monitor is plugged into the HDMI output then I use an HDMI - DVI adaptor which goes to the monitor.


      When I boot up Windows the "Splash page" comes up on the Monitor then transfers to the Laptop screen once windows loads. Once in Windows (7, 64bit), I try and use the Intel Graphics Manager and it does not detect the second monitor. I tried installing the latest drivers and the monitor came on and was working as a dual screen setup, but when I reset the computer, as asked by the software, it stopped working again. I reverted back to the 2291 driver and again, it worked perfectly until I reset my computer as prompted.


      Clearly there are no hardware issues as everything has worked, but no matter what I do I can not force Windows to recognize the second monitor unless I reinstall the driver and then it only works as long as the computer stays on (not possible with a laptop). Any ideas?





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          hi men  try to use funtion f5 if are laptop.. or.... try to  put in start menu  conect to projector.  or monitor propieties..  in xp im had same trouble and im had to suspend.. the pc and force to recognize.... maybe... u need  update the driver or doesn't the rigth driver.....


          i hope can help u....