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    Best 802.11n access point for Intel 5300 / 6300 mini-PCI wireless card


      Hey everyone


      Just wanted to query the community on what the generally recommended 802.11n wireless access point is for maximum compatibility with the Intel 5300 / 6300 wireless cards?


      I've always been a fan of Linksys, but the wireless cards in my Thinkpad T500 and T410 take a long time to associate with my wireless network when using my WAP54G \ WAG325N, and I've read something about Intel and Linksys not liking each other much.


      I did find a 'Connect with Centrino" PDF which gave a list of access points, but that list appears a bit outdated, there are newer models on the market.


      Any recommendations that won't break the bank and give good "N" speeds and associate quickly?  I've tried moving my AP into open space, set power profiles, lower roaming agressiveness, update drivers and firmware, different levels of WiFi security, etc etc, to no avail.