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    Intel® Application Accelerator 3.0 RAID Edition and Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Backwards Compatibilty


      Hello and Thank You Intel for your "Excellent" resources for your product's


      Recently our trustworthy workhorse Intel D865PERL decided it had enough and needed an upgrade after 6 years still works, just a bit slower now days.


      We have upgraded to the P67 series 6 chipset and 2nd generation I5  2500 processor using the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology and we are concerned about Backwards Compatibility for a RAID 0 sata array with a 1.5 sata drive pair that was installed on our D865PERL with the Intel® Application Accelerator 3.0 RAID Edition.


      This RAID 0 array from the D865PERL has several decades of our family videos and photograph's archived and it would take a year or so to re-create. Some of them would be lost permanently.


      Having already  looked at Intel's informational links,










      It appears reasonable that Backwards Compatibility is supported.



      But, my thought's are it is better to ask the expert's here, than to moan about it afterwards making a terrible mistake by hooking these drives up and losing all of the data.


      System note, we already have Win XP pro up and running on a separate Sata hard drive in AHCI  with Intel® Rapid Storage Technology running.


      Thank's in advance for any thought's or direction.



      With our best regard's,