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    D875PBZ Onboard Audio Driver!!!


      Are there drivers still available for this board? I was able to downlad everything else except the audio componets?






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          Hi  my name is wichai   I am try to look for  audio sound driver  Intel  D875PBZ

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            I got your audio drivers you need for this motherboard. They are right here at Intel, but these idiots are so incompetent that they don't list them with the software downloads for the motherboard, nor does the automated motherboard scan list them for you! In fact, a manual search on the intel site for

            "d875pbz audio"does not turn up anything. But a search engine search on the internet with those exact search parameters took me to the intel page with the proper audio drivers for this motherboard! All I can say is "fricking idiots." I can't even call these stupid errors to their attention becuase I cannot get through to support becuase they cut off all email and phone contact to support for this product. Anyway, the link to the Soundmax drivers you need is and I have to copy this in here by hand..God how I am learning to hate these sorry sons of ******* at intel. The fricking insert link thing doesn't work and I can't copy and past any text in this stupid sorry *** forum. http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?ProductID=951&DwnldID=6816&lang=eng

            Of course the d875pbz is not listed as being one of the mohterboards this download is for, but it is and it works.