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    plugging flash drive causes freeze/hang up...


      i have this set up.

      core i processor

      intel dh55 motherboard

      3gb ram

      ati video card

      500w supply


      i have plugged my flash drive on the front connector it cause my system to freeze. I can't get to task manager nor can control any mouse and kb's..  I already updated to latest bios version of my motherboard. But after that update this weird problem appears.  I have done checking up my system if there are connections that are loose, it remains all in tack. now the problem does't stop there, i found out that my flash drives were OVERHEATED and causes them to malfunction!!! this is really frustrating... it's a 32gb one that passed away $H$*@T!!. then the usb ports now on the front were also DEAD. I dont know about this but it is clearly not my fault, i just plugged in my flash drive from the usb ports and now what?


      My friend have this problem too he has a pentium d processor.


      same happen from wmy 6yr old computer it as pentium 4 comp and plug in any flash drive from any usb port then it wall cause to shutdown unexpectedly. what the hell.


      i have already search this in google and one thing i observed is that it occasionaly happen in an intel set up and they say it is already a TREND for any intel set up................... im cursed!.

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          I confirm it is rare to see an USB flash drive causing a system to shut down or halt abruptly or an Intel(R) board causing other devices to go bad.  I confirm as long as the system's set up with compatible parts, there shouldn't be any problems.


          Regarding the symptom on your current board, based on the Intel® H55 Express Chipset, I'd recommend doing the tests out of the case, on a non-conductive surface to see if the system still freezes.