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    Overclocking with the DP43BF Motherboard.


      Hello all.


      As the subject implies, I'm trying to overclock with the Intel DP43BF motherboard.  Granted, it's not an overclocker's ideal system, but I'd still like to know how or if it's even possible to overclock a Q9550s from its standard 2.83GHz clock to something a bit higher, like 3.4GHz.  From what I see on the menu, it's possible but there aren't a whole lot of options.


      I attempted to bring the host clock from 333 to 400Mhz, but it didn't seem to take, and so the system would not boot and I'd have to reset the BIOS.  If anyone wants to help, I can provide further detail on various other specs in my PC (including memory timings and the like).  I will certainly appreciate your help!