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    Can't change Panel Fit


      I have a laptop with Win7 Home Premium, Intel HD Graphics.


      It used to work fine, but recently, when i go to the  Graphic Properties where i can set settings such as Color Enhancement  and Display resolution, i can't change the Panel Fit. It is located in  "Display" tab at the left column, bottom of the screen that says  "Scaling", and you can select from the drag list "Center Image", "Scale  Full Screen" or "Maintain Aspect Ratio".


      I need to set  the scale to "Maintain Aspect Ratio" so that my games look proportional  (4:3) even though my laptop is widescreen (16:9). It is always set to  "Scale Full Screen". If i change it and click "Apply" or "OK" i click OK  again, but when i open the Graphic Properties again, it is back to  "Scale Full Screen" again.


      It there a way to fix this? I thought it was another "Administrator" privilege nuisance, but even after i run the "GfxUI.exe" as Admin, the change still doesn't take effect. Help please!!!!