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    Failed raid with intel rapid storage technology


      I've installed 9.6 of the intel rapid storage tech app on win 7 64bit

      I'm using the onboard raid controller of my motherboard to do a Raid 0, using 2 SSD 64gb drives. its been running smooth for 3 years but this week problems.

      everyday i startup windows i notice an error. windows loads fine and all but:


      Raid 0 SSD: failed

      disk on Port 1 Failed


      The problem is i see no way to fix this? there are no option to check and repair the disk

      I run chkdsk on the drive letter and it finds no errors


      at boot up I hit Control I and i see one of the SSD has Error (0) on it

      yet theres no option to fix it


      how do I actually fix it?


      should i be using a cdrom bootdisk or soemthing to try to fix it?


      do i need to delete the raid in order to diagnose and fix it with windows chkdsk?