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    Intel D525MW Problem


      Hi I had purchased a Intel D525MW (Atom) desktop board 2 months ago but the Intel NM10 Express chipset burned twice. Althought still under warranty and can be claim but I want to know what caused the Intel NM10 Express chipset to burn? Please refer file attached. The PC setup are very basic, 550W Power supply, 1 SATA DVD-Rom, 1 320GB SATA HDD, 1x2GB DDR3 RAM.




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            I build D525MW systems all day long. Was there active or passive cooling in the case? I found that even at idle, when the D525MW is passively cooled (fanless) in a 3 cubic liter case, it can reach temps up to  114 F, but the same system in a slightly bigger case with active cooling can be 30 degrees F less. A regular CPU load is typically 50 to 70% in my application. But I did not have any NM10 chip issues thus far; although I've noticed you can fry eggs on the NM10 chip.