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    D510MO and external PCI-e video card


      Hi all!

      I am trying to make working the D510MO motherboard with the Radeon HD5400 PCI-e videocard through this http://www.hwtools.net/Adapter/PM2C.html adapter. The video work well on PCI-e x1 (tested on another motherboard). But when I connect it to D510MO it do not start. When system boots up there is no signal on its video outputs. When Windows loaded, Windows successfully recognize video device (correct hardware IDs are seen in the Device Manager) and HDMI audio device. After installing drivers and rebooting video still not work, in the Device Manager there is "!" sign  on device icon and error code 10 in device properties. However, audio device is running well (for system, I cant check it). I tried to set the Primary Video option to PCI in BIOS setting but without success.

      Is there any way to start video? May be the system BIOS dont expect a video card presense on the PCI-e bus and dont initialize it?