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    POPSHM-enabled EMAC-enabled Linux is available


      A POPSHM-enabled, emac-enabled linux is  downloadable from our svn at



      Note that this is not the default linux. To load it do a

      sccBoot –l rcklinuxPOPSHM_04_05_11_001.obj


      Ensure that you are not in /opt/sccKit/current/resources. Otherwise you cannot load on all 48 cores because sccBoot will pick up the premerged linux obj.


      How can you tell if you have a POPSHM enabled linux running on the cores?


      ssh to a core and cat /proc/meminfo and issue a cat /proc/meminfo. Look for the following lines in the output.


      POPSHM pages:        1

      POPSHM page size:    16384 kB

      POPSHM buffer size:  16384 kB

      POPSHM base address: 0x10000000



      How can you tell if you are using an emac enabled linux?


      ssh to a core and issue a route -n. Look for emacx under Use Iface. emac0 means you are using Port A.


      root@rck00:~> route -n

      Kernel IP routing table

      Destination     Gateway    Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface UH    0      0        0 lo   U     0      0        0 emac0   U     0      0        0 mb0