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    DH55HC, computer wakes from sleep, but no display - Windows 7 (HDMI out)


      I've updated the bios and the graphics driver is current.  I've played around with all the sleep settings for Win7 (ultimate), but no luck getting signal to my monitor after waking the computer.  When it boots up, the display works.  Its only from sleep that it doesn't.  I'm using the HDMI out from motherboard into a Sharp 42" (Sharp LC-42SB45U).  I'm also using a wireless keyboard and mouse via USB.  I've disabled the USB suspend in the sleep settings (key stroke wakes the comp).  And, I've tried power cycling the monitor, still "no signal".


      I'm hoping someone might help put me in the right direction.  Is there something in the bios that i'm missing? Thanks in advance.


      Btw, this is my first build, so I'm very new to all this.

      Intel DH55HC mobo

      Intel i5 655k, integrated graphics