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    Install HD Graphics 3000/2000 driver to Windows 7 64bit causes BSOD when reboot


      I clean installed Win7 64 bit and installed the newest HD Graphics 3000/2000 driver.(#2321)

      After rebooting, I got BSOD.
      I'm using DVI-D port.
      And I installed Windows to 3TB HDD with UEFI(GPT). (3TB partition)
      This problem is not reproduced when I install Windows with MBR. (2TB partition)
      This problem is still reproduced when I install old driver(#2291) so I think this problem is not as same as http://communities.intel.com/thread/20439
      Does anyone can use Win7 64bit + HD3000/2000 driver + GPT partition?
      CPU i5 2500K
      MEM 4G*2
      HDD HGST 3TB
      OS Windows7 64 bit