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    kvm.hta problem


      I am using the recent 1.4 version download from "out of the box configuration"  When I execute  kvm.hta secton 2 I get no output from the from the first winrm command in the KVMon.bat file.  When I isolate the command and run it separately I get:



      c:\KVM>winrm put http://intel.com/wbem/wscim/1/ips-schema/1/IPS_KVMRedirectionSettingData @{Is5900PortEnabled="true";RFBPassword="viewamt1"} -remote: -u:admin -p:mypassword -a:Digest -encoding:utf-8
              Value = a:Sender
                  Value = d:InvalidRepresentation
              Text = The XML content is not valid.


      Error number:  -2144108298 0x803380F6
      The WinRM client cannot process the request. The destination computer returned a
      n invalid SOAP fault.


      The second command in the KVMon.bat file seems to execute properly.


      I am able to communicate with the management engine on the remote via browser using the same IP i.e.

      The version of ME on the remote is


      How do I solve my problem?