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    intel proset vlan no packets recieved




      I have a dual port intel pro/1000mb (intel 82546GB) on a Windows 2003 sp2 and installed the proset tools.


      I then configured one port of my swtich as a trunk and allowed all vlans.


      On the server, I created a tagged vlan with VLANID77 and an untagged VLAN.


      The VLANID77 virtual network card does not recieve any packets and therefore does not obtain an IP address from the DHCP. The untagged virtual network card works ok.


      I tried connecting the same port to another server with BACS nextreme drivers and where I had the same configurations (a tagged vlan with VLANID77 and an untagged VLAN). Both virtual network cards recieved an IP.


      Any help?

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          no one?


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            As far as I can tell, what you described should work. I do not know of any known issues or open bugs related to what you described. Please give me some more information, and I will help you.


            What is the name of the network connection or adapter in Windows? If this is a built in network connection, what is the motherboard or the system? Were the VLANs working at one time, and then stopped working after you made a software update?


            Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit WIndows Server?


            The current base driver is dated 08/20/2008 and is version That driver has been stable for years, so I doubt that this is a base driver bug.


            What is the version of the driver and Intel(R) PROSet (see link speed tab) that is installed? Have you tried newer or older software versions? If you have the CDs with the original software and drivers, you could give them a try to see if a bug was introduced in a later software version. I found version 14.0 software available to download that you can try. This version has the same base driver, but a much older version of the driver used for the VLAN interface.


            Mark H

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              Hi Marc H,


              Thank you for your reply.


              The untagged vlan of the network connection:  Local Area Connection 13 (native vlan 77 works ok)

              The tagged vlan of the network connection (vlan 60) - Local Area connection 14 ( no recieved packets)

              The ANS is running on Local Area Connection 10


              The server is a 1855 dell edge server and is running Windows 2003 Sp2 x64


              Device Manager shows a base driver of dates 8/20/2008


              Link Speed Tab shows: Link Speed 1.0 Gbs and Intel Proset Version

              I'll test the previous version drivers on Monday.

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                Please let me know the name Windows gives to the network adapter in device manager. Knowing your exact device name can help me research the issue.


                For example, on my laptop the wired connection is the Intel(R) 82567LM Gigabit Network Connection:


                If your device has "adapter" as part of the name instead of network connection, then use the Identify Adapter function to find the part number and post that too. Thanks.





                If you have a "Network Connection" like on my laptop, then no part number will be reported, because the Network Connection is built in.


                Also, having the hardware Ids might be helpful:



                Mark H

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                  I have tried the intel proset version 14 and have the same problem, ie no packets recieved on tagged vlan


                  The network adapters in Device Manager are named Intel(R) Pro/1000MB Dual Port Server Connection



                  The Hardware Ids:






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                    I did some more research and cannot find any open bugs or known issues that would cause this failure. I am stumped as to an explanation since you say this works with other network devices.


                    Can you try mirroring the port on your switch and looking at an Ethernet trace? Do you see any DHCP requests from the virtual interface for the VLAN? Is there anything that looks odd in the trace?


                    I found a package with an earlier driver for your device dated 11/07/2007, version if you want to give that a try. Dell even has older versions of the software and driver posted for this server on their download site. Going to an older driver might help if this is a driver bug, but I doubt that this is a driver bug. Unfortunately, I cannot offer a logical explanation as to why the VLAN is not working on your system.


                    I will also report this issue to our lab so we can try to replicate your issue here. We probably will not have a system exactly like yours, but we might be able to test with a device using the same controller. I will let you know what we find.


                    Mark H


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                      I thought of a few other questions that might help narrow down the investigation:

                      Are the two built-in ports teamed so that the VLAN is configured on the team?

                      Does the failure to get a DHCP address follow to the other built-in port?

                      Are any other network or other add-in adapters in the server? Is yes, what are they?


                      Mark H


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                        Yeah, it's very odd indeed. I can't find an answer too... Yes, I tried another equipment to rule out the switch from the equation.


                        I had'nt thought of mirroring the port and looking at a trace. I'll try that and post back.


                        Can you please post another link for the driver. By the way, I had found some 8.X driver at Dell during my research but they are only x86 ones and wouldn't install on the Windows 2003 x64 sp2.


                        Thanks for reporting my issue to your lab.

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                          Sorry about the broken link for the old driver. The link should have been http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=16613.


                          There are also some even older packages on Download Center. If you search for proem64t* you will find some of the other old versions.


                          Mark H

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                            I was having a very similar problem and it was caused by Microsoft Virtual Server running on the machine. For some unknown reason it made the tagged VLAN in the Intel Proset to stop working.




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