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    Problem w/my graphics


      Hello.  I have a gateway i3 with an intel HD graphics card.  On some programs, and when I hook up the computer via HDMI to the tv, the graphics don't fit in the windows.  For example, when I open a window in certain programs, I can't click the ok or cancel buttons because I can only see the very top of the buttons.

      On the tv, I can't see, let alone access the start menu.  I downloaded this driver: but it didn't help.

      I don't have it magnified at all.  Resolution is set at 1920 x 1080.

      Any help is appreciated.

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          Hi there!


          Try checking TV native resolution is appropriately set on the graphics control panel.


          Also, make sure your television is detected by the graphics driver, if device manager is detecting your monitor as “Plug and Play Monitor" or “Generic PnP Monitor”, then the drivers are not installed. In that case, contact the monitor manufacturer in order to obtain the .INF file to install the driver.


          Once you have the .INF, right-click on "Plug and Play Monitor" or “Generic PnP Monitor” and choose "Update Driver", and refer to the monitor's .INF file.