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    dx58so with 12Gb enters boot loop




      I have a i7 920 machine working with 4G fine for some time. Yesterday I bought a trio of Kingston memories KHX1600C9D3K3/12GX (12G, DDR3, 1600 CL9) which should work fine with the dx58so MB. The problem is, if I populate ther blue slots, the machine enters in a boot loop, without even a signar on the monitor but if I use the black slot + the 2 blue in the squence (Channels A blue and black and B) the PC works fine, actually, I'm typing on it right now.

      I'm not a performance freak but would like to use the memories the way they are intended.

      My bios is the last I could find on the Intel website, 5529.

      Any ideas?