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    i7 930 Processor Temperature Question


      Hey guys,

      I am freaking out kind of. I bought my brothers computer off of him and here are the specs:


      Intel Core i7 CPU - 930 @ 2.8GHz (8 CPUs)

      4098mb Ram

      1gb Ati Radeon hd 5870

      Idk how to find what motherboard

      BIOS Date 2/24/10 ver 8.00.15


      I ran speedfan and the temperatures were this idle with 68 processes running :




      Am I okay? or what I was playing a game maximum and its reached like 80C for each core but the CPU said around 70C.

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          You are in the gray zone....


          It is a bit hot, but not so hot that you can say that there is an issue for certain.

          I like to see the CPU <70 under max load.


          I would check your chassis fans (since the screen shot is not showing any)

          Try running a test with the case open and see if things are cooler. If so , you need a fan to get the heat out of the chassis


          Check the CPU heatsink instillation. Make sure all 4 pins are snapped into the mother board

          Make sure nothing like cables is blocking the air flow.


          Last resort might be a after market heatsink (parsec has a number of postings listing some good ones.)


          I would try to get the temp down if you can since if your hitting the thermal max, the CPU will throttle and you loose performance.