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    DQ45CB vpro settings.


      I recently build a vpro ready system around the well knowed DQ45CB motherboard. My problem lies in bios where i go to change my ME settings but the system does not save any of the settings i choose (Small Business Mode, DHCP Disable, Manual IP settings, Computer name, domain and power states).

      I had upgraded before i go to set my Intel ME settings to latest Bios 0129 from Bios 107 that was the one that came with the board.

      My system consists of the following:

      Core 2 Duo E8600

      Motherboard DQ45CB (AAE30148-301)

      Memory 2*2GB Kinston Value Ram DDR2-800MHz

      Disk SSDSA2M160G2GC

      Intel(R) 82567LM Gigabit Ethernet Controller (Intel Driver Version 16.1)

      Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit


      The Intel Management and Security Status states always that is Uncofigured and awaiting confiruration even if i do change my settings in the Bios.

      The board with bios 0129 has ME firmware


      Please advise.

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               Which kind of error to you get when you try configure in SMB and save the settings?


          Best Regards!

          --Bruno Domingues

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            When I've seen this after a BIOS upgrade, I've been able to correct it by clearing the CMOS with the CMOS clear jumper or by unplugging and removing the CMOS battery. Give that a try and let me know.

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              I haven't had an exact error. It just didn't preserved the settings i gave for provisioning. It seems to reset itselft on bios exit.

              But i found a solution. I formated a USB Flash Drive using the AMT configuration utility which changed my password and the system accepted my settings. All is ok now. Thanks for your prompt reply.

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                My problems with this particular actual board are comming back from the dead....

                I cannot log in to ME settings in Bios. The password i supply to the system is invalid. But when I use the Intel System Defence Utility 2.0.6 from another system i can add the DQ45CB AMT Computer within the utility and i can connect from within the Utility to it using the same password i am supplying under Bios.


                What do you believe would be the explanation of this strange phenomenon...?

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                  This behavior is not strange, you can have different passwords, to local and remote.

                  If you can't remember MBEx password (local access by Ctrl+P), the easiest way for a single machine would be: you can remotely reprovision this machine and change MBEx password or full unprovision, disabling the AMT feature in BIOS, rebooting and enabling it again. After these steps, you will see that AMT will come back as factory default configuration and MBEx password will be "admin" as default.


                  My two cents!

                  -Bruno Domingues