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    Intel DQ67EP with I7-2600K CPU?


      I was thinking about getting myself an Intel DQ67EP motherboard (because it is ITX) and an I7-2600K CPU (because it is currently the fastest 1155 processor), but this combination is not listed in the compatibility list on the Intel web site. Can anyone confirm that it is not a working combination or that the list is simply outdated?

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          This configuration is not supported mainly due to thermal considerations (mini-ITX constrains). If you check the history of mini -ITX motherboards in intel Desktop board history, you will notice that the highest processor that a Intel Desktop Board in mini-ITX format had, had a Max TDP of 73Watts (1st Gen Core i3-i5 processors). Sandy bridge mini-ITX platform will only comply with 2nd Gen Core i3's and the Low Voltage i5's (2400S-2500S) and i7's (2600S) all with Max TDP of 65Watts when they become available.

          Ultra Low voltage (Core i3 2100T 35Watts , Core i5 2390T 35Watts (Dual Core) and 2500T 45Watts) processors will fit the bill as well.

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            Now that's a complete answer and I am glad I asked before buying because I was actually quite certain that it would have been sufficient to look at the socket compatibility alone. Thanks very much!

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              Here is cite from MB specification (http://downloadmirror.intel.com/19709/eng/DQ67EP_ProductGuide01_English.pdf):


              Intel Desktop Board DQ67EP supports the Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5, Intel Core i3,
              and Intel Pentium processors in the LGA1155 package. Processors are not included
              with the Desktop Board and must be purchased separately. The processor connects to
              the Desktop Board through an LGA1155 socket.

              Use of a 95 W TDP processor requires a custom thermal solution. Pairing a miniITX
              chassis and a 95 W TDP processor with the supplied standard Intel thermal solution
              may not meet thermal requirements. Verify that your thermal solution and chassis will
              meet the necessary thermal requirements. Failing to do so will cause the processor to
              throttle, significantly decreasing system performance.

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                Any idea what is intended with "custom thermal solution"?

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                  Ok, what about the i7-2600S CPU?


                  It has a TDP of 65W


                  Anyone know for sure if it will work with this DQ67EP board?

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                    You will probably know by now, but yes Core i7 2600S is compatible with DQ67Ep motherboard.

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                      Hi, what is custom thermal sollution, just the heatsink?


                      intels processor compatibility list also states regular 2600. No extra info is listed there on that list.

                      however 2600 has tdp of 95w and still apears in compatibility list.


                      the board max tdp states 65w. Is this an error on intels site?


                      can one run a 2600 without issues of vrns etc. else why is it on intels list. This confuses meas 2600s and 2600 are listed.

                      then. A 2600k should be no problem either..



                      please clarify....

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                        Can anyone from intel reply to my question above, regarding the TDP question. (2600 compatibility 95w as per processor list)


                        Intel® Processors and Boards Compatibility Tool - Search Results Page



                        The list on compatible processors is outdated.  as latest revision is there 006, I have a 008 board.

                        Will this board have future IVY support with a bios update?

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                          DQ67EP or any other Q67 Motherboard from any manufacturer will never be updated to support Ivy Bridge Core Processor. This is Final....

                          As far as compatibility with 95w Processors concerns it is possible that Intel revised its mini-ITX line to support them now. The sure think was back when this mini-itx board was introduced it was only supporting 65w cpu's and that was the reason I managed to build a vPro system around and i5-2400s and using any 95w processor.