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    DP67BG PCI-e Issue


      I have DP67BG mobo (with the latest 1900 bios and settings is "load default" ) and Promise TX4650 PCI-E raid controller.

      When i power on PC, it begins immediately boot OS and no raid conntrollers are in the OS.

      If i press F2 and go to bios, in PCIe device i can see only Video Card, but no any other devices.


      If i reboot PC, then first of all i see controller's screen and then begins boot OS.

      Also after reboot i can see Raid controller in Bios and in the OS.


      Mobo detects controller only after hot restart and doesn't detect it in cold start.


      I think it mobo bios issue.

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          I have similar problem, when I start computer after shut down, computer start boots, but it is not success. It tries many times to boot, but it was not able to find graphic card (monitor is still sleeping). I have to switch off and on power supply and after this is everything OK, the same all OK is after restart. First I thinking that mistake is in version of BIOS (I had bad version 2053), now I have right BIOS 2040, next I tied to change graphic card from GeForce9600GT to current GIGABYTE GTX 560 SuperOverclock edition. I think the MB DP67BG has problem with Nvidia cards. I tried to solve it through Chat with Technical Support Engineer, although he have not find any HW incompatibility, it had no result. I wait for next version of BIOS and if it will not solve it I will change MB.