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    Can DG965OT installed with 6GB RAM?


      Dear all,

      I bought 2x2GB 667 DDR2 yesterday, intention was to upgrade my exisitng DG965OT from 2GB (2x1GB 667) to 6GB (2x1GB + 2x2GB), unfortunately, no matter what combination of RAM I install, the board only support up to 3 pieces of RAM, in this case, highest capacity that I can go to is 5GB, if I put in all 4 pieces of RAM, the PC cannot boot, no display, no beep, nothing.


      my hardware config are:

      MOBO= Intel DG965OT

      CPU= Intel Core 2 Quad, Q6600

      Display= Sapphire HD5850


      Any help or pointer will be appreciated.