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    Installing 6GB RAM on DG965OT


      Dear All,

      I used to have 2GB (2x1GB 667MHz) on my mobo, I bought 4GB yesterday (2x2GB 667Mhz), and no matter how I change the combination and slots, I could not boot up my system with 6GB, I mean no display, no sound nothing.  Highest config I can get is 5GB, with 2x2GB + 1x1GB, it only works with 2 pieces of RAM.  Is there any bios config or hardware jumper that I need to tweak to achieve 6GB?


      Below is my system config:

      Mobo = Intel DG965OT

      CPU = Intel Core2 Quad Q6600

      Graphic = Sapphire HD5850


      Will appreciate for any help or pointers.


      I am new to this forum, if I post to a wrong group, I would appreciate if someone could point me to the right forum.