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    DX58SO2 halts for 5 1/2 minutes during boot


      Have a dx58s02 board that just stops during boot displaying code 58. Like clockwork at 5 1/2 minutes it just continues to boot.

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          You should have received a card with your motherboard that has some of the led display codes listed on it and what they mean.

          58,59 is (resetting USB bus). I've noticed on my dx58so2, that if I have my 600gb external USB 2.0 drive plugged in when I'm booting up, that I get code 58 during boot. when I look at the drive light on the USB Drive its flashing as if it's being read. I may be wrong, but I'm assuming that since USB drives are listed as bootable devices in the BIO's that its searching my USB Hard drive for boot INFO before it moves on. I have also noticed that the more INFO I have on the drive the longer it takes to get past code 58 and finish booting. if I unplug the external USB hard drive I do not get this code at all and my machine boots to windows in about 15 seconds. I don't know if this situation applies to you but I hope this helps.


          Good Luck