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    DG41TX acpi error ith E5800 processor


      i found this error on the Intel support with the AN motherboard.


      if i have a E5800 processor in a DG 41tx mother board the machine will give an error "System board is not ACPI compliant"


      It happenswith XP . Start in Safe Mode and it stops when it comed to the ACPI driver.


      Windows 7 reboots after only a few seconds when trying to boot.


      i put an older single core processor and it works perfect !


      what is the solution?


      Thanks !

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          I've got the same problem, my system configuration is:


          Mobo: DG41TX

          Ram : 1333 x 2GB

          uP    : E5800


          My Bios is: TXG4110H.86A.0037.2010.0222.1734


          I can manage to dont get the ACPI error at first,

          I still fully installed my SO but I hope it's gonna pass.


          I've just in Power put this configuration:


          Af Power Failure      Stay Off

          W o L f S5              Stay Off

          ACPI Susp Sta       S1 state

          S3 State Indicator    OFF

          S1 State Indicator    OFF

          P P Management     Disable

          W S f S5                 Disable

          W on PS/2              Stay Off


          I hope this will help,

          but I'm Still worried if it's gonna run well

          I would be great if Intel can tell me if I installing Bios 53 do the trick or it can go worst




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            i installed a 4500 dual core and the machine worked fine. i then upgraded the firmware and put the 5800 processor back in and all is well.

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              i´ve got the same problem with the acpi at begin instalation in XP, VISTA AND WIN 7 , i´m upgrade bios and don´t work




              intel e5800 processor.

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                What processor was in the motherboard at the time of flashing the BIOS and what BIOS version are you attempting to flash from? I think it may be key that the CPU which is installed, is already fully supported before attempting to flash a newer revision to give greater CPU compatibility. Perhaps your supplier can help out and perform the update if you don't have a suitable CPU?