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    Computer does not turn on. Intel DG33SXG2 MotherBoard Computer motherboard stanby_led on by just plugging the main power cord without turning the desktop power switch to 'on'.

      My desktop computer just went black when I am using it. My desktop has an Intel DG33SXG2 MotherBoard. I tried to turn it on but to no avail.
      The following is what I have done and observed:
      (1) When I plugged the power cord to my computer, the motherboard standby led green turns on even though i did not turn on the desktop computer power switch.
      (2) When I turn on the desktop computer power switch, the CPU fan will just rotate once and then stops also the motherboard standby led remains on. The power switch LED in front of my computer does not turn on. In other word, the computer does not turn on
      (3) I plug and unpluged the video card and reseated the memory card everything but the same problem.
      (with precaution about static, i grounded myself to the metal case of the desktop - ground terminal)
      (4) Tried to remove one memory (Channel B-DIMM0)module, the video card, and other drives. I just left one memory card and the motherboard with the CPU (with CPU Fan) and the chipsets (North Bridge and South Bridge). The same problem occurs with standby_led on. I even put a new memory(from my other computer) but the same problem.
      (5) Verified the PSU to be good by shorting the green and black wire of the 20-pin PSU plug. Still, Tried to use another PSU with higher power rating but still the same problem..
      What seems to be the problem? I tried to look for  Intel DG33SXG2 MotherBoard  manual to help me about this problem.
      Any help would be much appreciated.