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    I7 2600k won't Turbo after B3 Revision MB Replacement


      I recently built a system with an 2600K processor and a Asus Sabertooth P67 motherboard.  The system performed flawlessly boosting performance up to 3.8 ghz when under load.  However, since I received my replacemnet B3 motherboard from Asus, the system will not enter turbo mode (identical settings in BIOS).  Using the software that came with the MB the processor frequency stays in the neighborhood of 1600 mhz even under load.  The fans never rev up like they used to either. Thinking that I may have received a bad replacement MB, I arranged for  another.  I get the same results with the replacement MB.


      I think that it is unlikely that both replacement board would be faulty so I'm trying to narrow down the possibilities.  The BIOS version of the new board is different than the original (can't go backwards) but others don't seem to be having similar issues with the new BIOS according to Asus.  I'm wondering if the problem could be processor related.  I can't imagine that I damaged the processor swapping it from one board to the other but I'm hoping someone might know what's going on.  I've played with various settings in the BIOS including disabling Speedstep and power saving options but nothing seems to help.


      If anyone has any ideas or suggestions I would appreciate it...I'm thinking of buying another MB of different manufacture but don't want to spend the money if I don't have to.






      Steve G




      Asus P86 Sabertooth MB

      Gskill Ripjaws Memory 8gig

      Coolermaster 1000w PSU

      EVGA Gforce 570 GTX video card with latest drivers.