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    Error code 134?


      Can somebody tell me what an error code of 134 means?  It's not in the error code PDF.



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          It's a new one for me. It's coming from bash though. If you can ssh to a core directly and run your program, you'll get a better error message ... from Linux itself. If your program runs on several cores, you may have to bring up sccKonsole, configure input to be broadcasted to invoke your program. You'll also need to grab the pssh paratemrs that rccerun uses, if you were using rccerun.


          sccKonsole is going to want a desktop. So you need to VNC in. If your remote connection is not good enough for VNC, send me mail about how to run your program and I can try it out locally.

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            Thanks, Ted!

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              Exit code 134 means your program was aborted (received SIGABRT), perhaps as a result of a failed assertion.


              If you program with assertions and want to debug, I recommend the following: redirect stderr to stdout with a simple


              dup2(STDOUT_FILENO, STDERR_FILENO);


              at the beginning of your program (dup2 is declared in unistd.h), and you don't have to ssh to the cores directly to see what's written to stderr.