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    Problems with processor intel I7 2600k


      hi all


      i have Temperature Problem with processor intel I7 2600k, i use stock cooler with this processor. when i playing games like BFBC2 the Temperature rise up to 77c !! is this normal ?




      I'm Waiting the Answer......

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          I have the same problem. In the stres over 70C

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            Well, you have not given us much information to work with regarding your PC.  Such as, what kind of video card are you using, what PC case do you have and how many and what size case fans do you have?  The stock Intel CPU cooler is not particuarly great under long term high stress conditions on the CPU.  But, your video card should be doing most of the work while gaming, do you know what your video cards temperature is?  Heat from the video card will raise the temperature of the air in the case, which means the air passing over the CPU cooler's heat sink is not as cool as it could be.  One or two case fans is not enough IMO to remove the heat generated by a high performance video card during gaming.  You must consider all the components in your PC in order to evaluate the environment in which your CPU operates.


            Also, the frequency reading in your Core Temp pic is odd, can you explain that?  This is mine with the same CPU:



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              Yours just fine. Mine's hotter. I got a small Zalman Fatal1ty PC case that just about enough to fit my Asus Maximus IV Extreme motherboard with very limited air circulation. I can't even run my video card on quad CrossFireX hence it will overheat. Just add more fans or get a bigger PC case with lots of fans to reduce the heat build up.


              I'm limited to overclocking it (my CPU) at 4.5 GHz (stable). I'm in the process of liquid cooling my GPUs.


              I'm using a CoolIt Vantage A.L.C. Hybrid Liquid Cooler to cool down my CPU.