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    SSD Performance problem on H67


      I recently built a Demonstration PC to show my customers the speed of the latest Intel Sandy Bridge CPU, Windows 7 and SSD's.


      The specs are:
      Gigabyte H67MA-D2H
      Intel Core i5 2300
      2x2GB Kingston DDR3-1333MHZ
      OCZ 60G Vertex II E Series SSD
      Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64

      No dedicated graphics card.


      I noticed the SSD was not performing like it should (below) and could not work out why.

      I opened a thread over on the OCZ forum but as SB is new they could not work it out iether.



      So I set about working it out for myself and found the problem. I'm hoping Intel provide a solution.


      I found the same problem on a new PC I built over the weekend using the new B3 mobo with the fixed chipset so that is not the problem.


      Fault Finding Log:
      Loaded optimized bios defaults
      changed bios to AHCI
      Installed Win 7 HP x64 SP1 to 1TB WD Black WD1002FAEX on SATA III Deleting all partitions first.
      Installed Lan Driver
      Turned off UAC
      Secure erased SSD with OCZ toolbox v2.33
      initialised, partitioned and quick formatted SSD
      Ran ATTO v2.46


      As you can see the performance is back so it isn't a hardware problem or a Windows problem or an SP1 problem!


      Installed latest Intel INF


      No great change.


      Installed Latest Intel HD Family GFX driver


      Bingo!!! That certainly looks like the problem. Who would have guessed a graphics driver could do that!


      Has anyone else seen performance problems with SSD's on the H67 chipset?


      Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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          Interesting! This is the latest test.
          Secure erased SSD with OCZ toolbox v2.33
          initialised, partitioned and quick formatted SSD
          Removed WD black Drive.
          Installed Win 7 HP x64 SP1 to SSD with HD 5450 GFX card in place
          Installed Lan Driver
          Installed latest Intel INF
          Ran ATTO v2.46
          Large Write Performance was down 27%!
          This is with no Intel or ATI GFX driver installed


          Took the ATI card out
          Large Write Performance is back up to about 266000


          So there is no way to have normal SSD write performance and any sort of 3D performance at the same time.

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            I have observed identically  impaired SSD performance in my system since the latest Intel Graphics driver was installed but never made the connection.  I am using a Patriot Inferno SSD and saw identical ATTO disk write slowdown since the new graphic driver installation.  I also have the greater problem seen in multiple other postings about the BSOD at Windows 7 boot through the HDMI onboard port but not the DVI port that seems to be a result of this new driver.


            Intel has clearly frustrated me as I built my latest PC as a HTPC which is worthless without a working HDMI connection and now, thanks to your posting, I have learned this driver has degraded my SSD performance as well which I previously attributed to a TRIM problem.  Having been through the H67 chipset recall snafu and the annoyance of reinstalling a new MOBO in mid March that came with these defective drivers, I have serious doubts about Intel's quality checking processes.


            So I will try to revert to an earlier graphics driver for the time being as I hope Intel upgrades the drivers to fix BOTH issues.


            Gigabyte H67MA-UD2H-B3

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              Thanks for your reply JSK I will try some older drivers and see what happens but as you can see below more tests reveal it may not be a driver issue.


              I tested a setting in the Bios called Onboard VGA, it has two options 1) Enable if no ext PEG 2) Always Enable. With the GFX card in but no drivers installed I get good SSD performance with 2) Always Enable and bad performance with 1) Enable if no ext PEG.


              You would think having both enabled would use more bandwidth so it may not be a bandwidth issue.


              Next test:
              I took the GFX card out leaving the bios option on Always Enabled and installed the Intel GFX driver. SSD performance went bad again. So still no way of having 3D and SSD speed.


              Built another PC with a GA-P67A-UD3-B3 mobo instead of a H67.
              I've just finished building it and find I can not get normal write performace at all!
              All the options that would make the write performance normal on the H67 mobo are absent on the P67 even without 3D performance.


              To summarise I have three different mobos with three different 60GB OCZ SSD's all showing a 27% loss of large write performance.

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                Hi, I too have an under performing ssd with a ga p67-ud7-b3 and two graphics cards in crossfire. I was wondering if either of you guy noticed that all of our motherboards are gigabyte? I wonder if other brands have the same issue? just curious.

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                  I opened a service ticket with Gigabyte but don't hold your breath for any news from them. Here is the only response I have got in over a week.


                  Dear Sir,


                  Thank you for your kindly mail and inquiry. About the issue you mentioned, we do not guarantee all 3rd party H/W monitor/benchmark utilities will work properly with our motherboard because most of the S/W does not know our H/W design and impossible optimize their S/W for our motherboard. However, if you still think it is a driver issue, we suggest you to try to use other utility and see how it works. You could also contact with the Intel Chipset driver vendor for further help directly. Sorry if there is any inconvenience.


                  At last, if you still have any further question to this issue or suggestion about our products/service, please do not hesitate to contact with us. If you have any issue different from original, make sure you issue a new form in order to get proper assistance and it may be response faster as well. We will try our best to help you resolve the problem ASAP.


                  Best Regards,
                  GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY


                  Sure.. The benchmark is wrong?? But only sometimes it seems. I have asked them to suggest a benchmark they will believe. So I may be able to convince them they at least have a problem. The above tests were not enough apparently.


                  I will try an ASUS mobo for my next build.

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                    I just built a PC with a Asus P8H67-M V3 mobo and it has no SSD performance problem after the Intel GFX driver. So it looks like it is a Gigabyte problem and not an Intel Driver or chipset problem after all. Gigabyte support have passed my results on to the relative department. Hopefully they will be able to fix it with a bios update.


                    I was not an ASUS mobo fan until tonight but the new fast driver site and the gorgeous EFI bios and experiencing the glacial slowness of Gigabyte support. Not to mention a performance problem that just shouldn't be there in a well tested mobo. I would hate to guess how many hours they owe me over the past couple of weeks. It really looks like ASUS are way ahead of the game and I will be buying ASUS from now on.

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                      I just got a link from Gigabyte to a new bios update F9b. F8 is the latest on the download site. Will test it over the weekend but its too little too late.

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                        same here been waiting for a fix definately graphics driver

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                          Just installed the lastest Intel Graphics Driver version  This fixed the BSOD from the HDMI output that I reported last month.  It also restored the read/write speed of my Patriot Inferno SSD!

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                            im still having slow writes with graphics driver 2361

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                              finally figured out the slow writes with gigabyte h67 and ocz agility 2 60gb it all has to do with the 100gb windows 7 system partition install windows without and write speeds are back from the 215's to the 260's. now i can sleep at nite!

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                                ok i was wrong on the previous post but this is the real solution for any one interested go into the bios and disable c3/c6 state but it also disables turbo boost and you will never have slow write speeds again guaranteed!