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    Import & Merge Foreign Configuration


      I support an SRCSAS18E RAID controller with 6 SAS drives (RAID-5) in an AXX6DRV3GEXP enclosure. Recently the Windows backplane driver became corrupted and the array "disappeared."  I re-installed the backplane drivers, and the array returned, but the drives are now indicated as "foreign."


      In the embedded RAID software on the controller, there is an option to import and merge the foreign configuration, but the User's Guide does not explain what this means, so I am reluctant to do it.  The array seems to work, and I do not want to risk its loss, but I want to get it back to "normal."


      Could someone please advise me how to address this scenario?  Thank you!

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          If for some reason Windows sees the controller as a different device, usually because the driver got corrupted and it has now loaded two instances of the same driver, it will consider all the existing SAS drives as having been moved to a different controller.


          If you import the foreign config, there is a pretty good chance that all your data will reappear intact.