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    Intel or LSI card?




      at home i'm trying to use passthrough (vt-d) on an LSI 8888 ELP controller.


      Unfortuantely it does not work and i triggered a service ticket at LSI.


      They require a serial number before they can assist me and after supplying this they inform me that the card is OEM-ed by intel... support stops.



      Can this device run in passthrough mode? Because at a forum i receive some information that passthrough is not possible at PCI-e 1.0 and i should replace the card for one with PCI-e 2.0



      Is that true? Or do you need a serial number?



      Thanks in advance,




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          If it is, in fact, an Intel RAID controller, LSI will defer support to Intel.


          If it is an Intel RAID controller, you will have a sticker on the controller that has the serial number followed by PBA and a number with six characters (alpha/numeric) a dash and three numbers.




          Can you provide the PBA number?



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            Hi John,

            Thanks for your effort. I just got under the hood...
            It does not show any sign of intel on it, and not the PBA number either.
            The serial i’ve got is: P081522908 and just updated it with the latest FW from LSI. In my previous request @ LSI, they informed me not to do that as they are not sure to it would damage the card (if from intel).....
            The box it came with is an orange coloured LSI box. I never thought even to search for an intel firmware....
            Martijn (NL)
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              Sounds suspiciously like an LSI adapter. Intel adapter serial numbers have, for some time, been three or more alpha characters followed by a series of numbers. I don't know why LSI is telling you it's an Intel card. Especially since you got it in an LSI box.


              I'd ask that your adapter identification query be escalated to their next level.


              Good luck,


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                Got that John,


                any idea about the vmware problem i have with it?


                I'm trying to reduce electricity @ home.


                Moved my storage into my ESXi environment.


                ESXi setup:


                VT-d enabled host (Asus DSEB-DG / 2 XEON L5420)

                USB stick boot

                Datastore SRCSAS144e with an array for VM's

                Added the LSI 8888 ELP controller to assign it to my VM (windows as fileserver)



                It just hangs, or when i setup a new VM it says "the driver detected old or out of date firmware, device will not be used".



                After physical inspection (and it's up 2 date) the VM just hangs again.



                Don't understand it... on a VM forum i received that PCI-e 1.0 (the 8888ELP) cannot be VT-d-ed.... i sure hope not, my wife kills me if i buy a PCI-e 2.0 card...



                Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.



                Martijn (without fileserver)


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                  I think i'm direction a solution..


                  I got my host restarted and cleared the NVram and turned off plug&play.



                  I got the driver started once without problems, changed something and it vanished again.



                  Another day tomorrow.



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                    Unfortunately mistaken...



                    The BIOS features of VT-d are simply on & off... should do the trick?





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                      I found the reason (together with LSI),


                      passthrough is driven through a driver on the ESXi host (megaraid sas _ version 4.014) and that driver is not matching the firmware of the card.



                      The driver should be a 4.320 but LSI stopped their driver development (but not for windows) even when the product is still on the mainpage (today).




                      The 1078 chipset (for the raid calculation) is replaced by a newer cpu to achieve higher throughputs (6GB & pcie-2). Windows support is still in development but for VMware, i should contact VMware to replace it..... dead end for ESXi users.




                      Good news is that existing arrays (from an older megaraid ctrl) will be recognized on future models.....