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    Zepto 6624WD, PM965 chipset, Intel ICH8M controller


      Hello Intel Support Community.


      I would like to install an Intel X25-M Postville of 160GB in my laptop.
      Unfortunately i've noticed that my storage controller only runs @t sata1 speeds which would mean an limitation for the transferspeeds of the SSD.


      Now the manufacturer (zepto computers) is bankrupt and I have already tried the latest firmware for my laptop

      which was of a few years back.


      What I'm hoping is that intel will release a simple firmware upgrade utility for just the storage controller so I can run it @t sata2 speeds (like it's officially supporting as far as i know!)


      The storage controller is an Intel ICH8M - 2830 or 2850 (i think 30 is USB - 50 is storage controller)


      IF anyone find me the "latest firmware for this controller"  please let me know..

      and no not the driver for the controller but "firmware" so i can upgrade it...

      Thank you very Much.