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    DH55TC Bios Update from 037 to 045 did not work




      I just upgrade to:


      MOBO DH55TC

      I7 870

      16GB Kingston 1333 DDR3


      The Mobo came with Bios version 37 and the most current is 45. Last night I tried to upgrade to the latest version:




      After executing the above the screen went blank, I waited about 7 minutes, nothing else happened, powered off the PC knowing I would have to do a Bios Restore using a USB and changing the jumper on the mobo, etc.


      I powered on the PC, to my surprise it had a bios, booted up and got the message "bios upgraded". I restarted the PC, entered the bios and found that no upgrade was made.


      In the past with other Intel mobos I had no problem upgrading the Bios.


      Is there something different now or that I am missing in trying to upgrade bios to the latest version?