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    X25-V: What is the difference between "enhanced secure erase"and "secure erase"?




      The X25 SSD lines present two different ATA commands for securely erasing data, both the regular 'secure erase' command, and the 'enhanced secure erase' command are available. What these commands do depends completely on the drive's internal implementation. I cannot seem to find any documentation detailing what the difference between these two ATA commands are with these drives.


      I have read on other forums for other SSDs various suggestions, such as "most SSDs block the enhanced parameter as it has a good probability of wiping the firmware" and "tries to erase blocks marked as bad and uses a fancy pattern instead of setting all the bits to empty". These are just speculations, and likely not correct for the X25 SSD.


      Can someone please shed some light on what specifically these commands do, and their difference?


      Thank you!