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    ssd dissapeared from bios


      Hi, I have the Asus p7p55d-epro m/b and three hd's in my pc. One SSD intelx25 (SataII) and two WD 1tb (SataIII). For months the system worked properly. (I had updated the firmware of the WD hd's and the bios too ). -I used the settings in the bios Sata as Ide-. 
      So, yesterday I tried OC from the bios the PC with the autotune-good performance  mode  and the utility started for about 5 minutes to make the settings for the OC. After that the PC was autotuned but SSD (where the Windows are placed)  wasn't recognised at all. I tried to run bios again and LOAD Default settings. The PC started again but this time my RAM frequency appeared as 1067mhz (but it's actually 1333) and the SSD didn't appeared yet. Please help.