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    Matrix Storage Console 7.5


      Greetings. I have taken this route because I could not find an appropriate classification for my issue--and because I know just enough about troubleshooting PC systems to put myself in an untenable place. If I have blundered into the wrong room, please route me to the proper place.


      My computer has a 2.7 GHz duo-core Intel processor on an ASUS P5-e board and runs XP Professional SP3. It is a custom machine built for me in September 2007. Among its features is Intel Matrix Storage Console 7.5 configured in Raid 1 with two 500GB SATA drives. This system served me well for three years, successfully repairing several Raid hiccups along the way. Sometime at the end of 2010, the Intel logo disappeared from the System Tray, and the mirror drive appeared in My Computer as an independent drive, with other consequences, i.e. the shift in drive letter confused my backup software and backups ceased until that letter was manually re-set.


      When I discovered this situation, I opened the Matrix Storage Console app, and was surprised to see the following advisory box:

      • The Serial ATA Plugin failed to load, because the driver is not installed correctly.


      Closing this box disclosed the following in the Matrix Storage Console main screen:

      • Plug-ins failed to load


      and in the Information tab:

      • The Intel Matrix Storage Console was unable to load to load a page for the following reasons:
        • A plug-in did not provide a page for the selected device
        • A plug-in failed to load.


      I have no idea why this installation ran perfectly for three years and then failed. I am aware that this software was installed under BIOS and before installing Windows, and that this may preclude a simple driver update.


      My questions:

      • Can this problem be repaired without having to erase my HDD's and essentially start from scratch, by replacing a driver conventionally under Windows, or other means?


      • Must I start from scratch, without knowing the cause of the failure, erase my HDD's and completely rebuild the computer, and again risk a similar failure?


      FWIW, the rest of the computer appears unaffected, but I had grown accustomed to the security of a Raid, even though I back up daily to an external drive.

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          From the messaging you provided "The Serial ATA Plugin failed to load, because the driver is not installed correctly." it seems as though the driver was corrupted.


          I would try reinstalling the Matrix Storage Console.  The reinstall should update the driver and the Matrix Storage application.


          You should not need to wipe the drives.  In fact, if you restart the computer and enter the Intel RAID Option ROM (hit ctrl+i) during boot you can see if the RAID1 is still shown.

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            Unfortunately, CTRL-I appears to have no effect. BIOS ignores it and proceeds to open Windows. I tried several times.



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              Do you even see the option to hit CTRL-I?


              I have seen some boards where the USB keyboards aren't initailized in time and I have had to use a PS2 keyboard for the board to recognize the keystrokes.

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                I don't recall ever seeing any such options appearing during boot. I tried to insert Ctrl-I at the appropriate times without success without seeing that cue..


                I do have a USB keyboard installed (Microsoft "Natural Keyboard--Elite")


                Garry Shapiro

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                  I note that several very similar failures have been reported for this product---for the same ASUS P5E motherboard/duocore combo that I have. This leads me to wonder whether the BIOS employed in these motherboards could be a factor in the failures.