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    Possible BIOS Error in DX58SO2 Motherboard?


      I attempted to connect several, different, internal 3.5" media card readers to the front panel headers on the DX58SO2 Motherboard running an I-7 under Windows 7 Pro.  All 4 media readers locked the preboot process with an error "58". This is identified as "Resetting USB bus" in Intel's supplied documentation. I attempted multiple changes in the BIOS's USB and Hyperboot settings without resolution. All 4 media readers worked in two other Intel (DG series) motherboards.  Other front panel internal devices connected to the the front panel headers work aok.  The commonality is media readers. The brands were SIIG, Sony, HP and and Acer.  Interestingly, if you connect the devices "hot" to the front paanel headers, with Windows already booted, they work fine until a reboot.  This is a clue that the error is in the BIOS and/or the preboot testing.  Can you confirm or resolve?

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          I am having the exact same problem. My media card reader is a rosewill. Can take several minutes for the BIOS sreen to appear with the reader pluggin in. Mine plugs in on the internal usb connectors. I am on the latest BIOS.

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            I am having exact same problem -- Rosewill or Vantec car reader plugged into USB  internal header causes board to hang with error 58 (USB bus).  Removing the device from the header allows boot to continue.  Thisa happened both before and after loading an  OS, both before and after BIOS updates.  Running i7 x990 w 24 Gb memory.

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              I'm having this problem as well. I installed the Ultra Aluminus internal card reader. My computer takes 5-10 minutes to boot if it is connected to the USB header on the motherboard before booting. The only connection that has any effect on boot time is the USB header (i.e., power, eSATA, and USB 3 connections don't affect boot time). If I plug it in "hot" after windows has loaded, it works fine. (It actually works fine regardless, except for the ridiculous boot time).


              Has anyone had any success in resolving the boot time issue?

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                I seem to remember (my memory = dangerous any more), that there was something in the new Bios 779 that was supposed to fix the 3rd Party Card Reader issue.  I cannot verify that this is true since I do not have one.



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                  Thanks to Bob for pointing this out.


                  I thought I had updated to the latest bios, but there was one released this month (I think on April 17, 2011) that seems to address the card reader issue. There is a new option under Hyperboot in the latest bios that allows you to disable usb devices during boot. I enabled this and now everything is working like it's supposed to (i.e., card reader works and computer boots normally).


                  If anyone is having trouble with card readers, I suggest updating the bios and trying the new features.

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                    I have a similar problem, but with the Epson RX680 printer which has an imbedded media card reader.

                    Not sure of how long it hangs, but when the system is booted with the printer turned on, it exhibits the same symptoms.