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    Service Warranty for Intel Desktop Motherboards


      Good Day everyone,

      I have a really big complaint  in regards to Intel Corporations Warranty services.  I purchased an Intel motherboard (DX58SO) in january 2011.  I got a notification around 02/25/2011 that I can upgrade the Bios to a newer version and so I did the upgrade.  After, my computer just would not boot into the OS.  I then called Intel's Technical support and they made me go thru some troubleshooting steps.  We ended up downgrading the Bios version to the original firmware that it came with and it worked. The Technical support person then told me to upgrade the Bios Firmware.  After that was done, my computer didn't work.  So, the technician created a service ticket for parts replacement and also sent me the information via e-mail.  (Intel Ticket# 8000213410)

      I then send out the motherboard to

                                  NAMO - UPS-SCS
                                  Attn: Intel-INDS
                                  2200 Outer Loop, Suite 100, Bldg 1, Door 5
                                  United States


      and I got the confirmation that they recieved it on 03/24/2011.  Today (03/29/2011) I recieve an e-mail from the RMA dept. stating that they cannot replace it because it has Printed Circuit Board/Thermal Damage.  Now can anyone out there please tell me on how a Bios Firmware issue can turn into a hardware issue.  A little bit about me, I am IT professional with 10+ years experience and I cannot logically see on how a simple Bios Firmware issue turn into a hardware issue.  Plus, I believe that no matter if it is a hardware issue on the product, Intel should repalce it, because for the fact that the product that the consumer bought is made with poor Quality?  I have owned Intel products in the past, but have not recieved such poor support like what has happend to me now.  Worse, I spent $300 on this particular motherboard and now I am regretting it!  If anyone, can help me out in regards to this matter, I will greatly appreciate it.  Also here is my e-mail jesquill@gmail.com , please feel free to contact me thru that.  Thank you.