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    Can i install windows server 2011 SBS on intel S3000AH


      Hello people,


      I have a question:

      Can in install Windows Server 2011 SBS on intel S3000AH.

      I have downloaded the trail version to test it.

      But i dont get in worked on the motherboard.

      This is the error message I get:


      (the picture is from internet)

      I know the board is EOL for some big while and the last certifeid windows was Server 2003.

      I put the latest bios on it. Disabled everything in the bios.

      I use the onboard raid function. But even without the sata controller it still wont work.

      And the usb disk where the installtion files are on it works on an other machine.

      So that is not the problem.

      I hope somebody can tell me what to do.